Left Behind

A dark flash fiction, revolving around the thoughts and reflections that rise from a tragic accident.

. . .

The first thing I see as I wake up is where it happened. From my bedroom window, I see the open fields, the old spruce forest and the highway resting on the hill. At night, the headlights cruise through the darkness like fireflies.

That evening, we had dinner at the Crawfords. It was a couple of days after I noticed a suspicious look behind my wife’s warm eyes. At our quick and heated rendezvous at lunch that day, Mrs. Crawford had assured me I had nothing to worry about. “Nobody knows,” Mrs. Crawford assured me, and my wife’s smiles, glances and touches that evening proved it.

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A Blessing From Above

A horror story about the friendly neighbor Lenny, a retired veterinarian, who becomes witness to a delicate situation at the house next door, and lends a hand.

. . .

Lenny Hancock folded the morning paper and placed it beside his coffee and the half-eaten ham sandwich. His neighbor Mike’s shiny black Ford came up on the old gravel road, followed by a dust cloud that billowed over the wheat-fields. Lenny found it odd, since no one dared to use that pot riddled back-road these days, beside Bob and his old tractor. He glanced at the old Omega clock on his wrist. It was half past ten. Mike shouldn’t be home from the mill for at least another 6 hours. He suspected that the rusty wreck of a car parked under the massive apple trees in Mike’s driveway had something to do with his swift arrival.

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Bloober’s large eyes were set on the dark silhouette, beside a glooming structure, elevating a couple hundred yards ahead. The dust-filled wind played with his dark leather cloak as his green bulbous body slid over the rough surface, leaving a trail of thick sludge behind.

Seen, heard, felt anything, scout?

Sahaen’s telepathic question popped up in his head like a vague thought.

Sound detected, approaching objects’, report follow.

Even though most would never set their sole on an unknown planet, Bloober relished it. The mere thought of exploring a new world for edible life, sent his mind spinning and his acid glands in overdrive. He had been so optimistic about this planet before he descended upon it. That was many sun lapses ago, though, and the only sign of life he had slip over, was dry fossil bones and withered debris of ancient structures.

The dark silhouette had details now and Bloober could recognize an oval body, with a head and four limbs attached to it, two supporting ones and two hanging at the sides. A classic design, just as he suspected.

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Her Vow

The dinner knife slid into Eric’s throat like butter. He sniveled and froze in his seat. A couple of guests gasped, gazing confounded at them. They had known about it, long before she stumbled upon them, going at it like rabbits. Now it was her turn to be demoralizing.

With a smile, she pulled out the knife, blew a kiss to her sister’s ash gray face and rose from the seat. The blood created jagged pink stripes, on the white dress. A thin film of blood covered the diamond on her finger. Is it a blood diamond now, she pondered. Then she buried the knife deep into Eric’s neck, sending his face into the broiled salmon.

She leaned down and whispered, “’Til death do us part, darling.”

Eric’s rattled puffs and the rustling from her dress, accompanied her out, into a brand new world.

· Copyright © 2015 by Ken Bergman  All Rights Reserved ·