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Eight Legged Freaks Review

Eight Legged Freaks, is quite a charming monster movie from 2002, signed by the “They Nest” director Ellory Elkayem, whom both penned and directed.

Notable is that my favorite doomsday director, Roland Emmerich, was the executive producer for this movie. The main cast consists of David Arquette (Scream), Kari Wuhrer, Scott Terra and Scarlett Johansson.

The story is set in a slow and lazy mining town, somewhere in Arizona, who has seen better days. In the opening scenes, we see a truck driver lose a barrel of toxic waste, while he avoids running over a rabbit. The barrel rolls down and lands in a small pond, where it starts to leak out its hazardous substance.

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The Final Destination Review

The Final Destination had its normal and 3D release in August and its DVD/Blu-ray release is set to Jan 5, 2010. I wrote this review based on the normal version and not the 3D version.

This is the fourth installment of this franchise, starring Bobby Campo, Shantel VanSanten, Nick Zano and Haley Webb, none of them with any substantial roles in their rap sheet, prior to this movie.

Two names that we do know are the director David R. Ellis and the writer Eric Bress that created the second Final Destination movie.

This movie contains a bucket load of references to the previous movies. This starts right away, in the opening titles, were cool X-ray versions of the deaths from the previous movies are shown. I thought that this was a fresh approach and made me believe that Ellis and Bress would continue on that path and introduce something new to the franchise.

I was wrong.

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Review: A Perfect Getaway

David Twohy’s thriller about a newlywed couple, going for a romantic honeymoon hike on Hawaii, offers suspense, good acting and exhilarating scenery.

We meet the newlyweds Cliff and Cydney (Steve Zahn, Milla Jovovich) as they arrive to Hawaii and are just about to start their honeymoon hike. On the way to their trail, they bump into another couple, which gives them some bad vibes. They manage to go on without them and start their hike.

Not long after they started their hike, they meet Nick (Timothy Olyphant), a self-assertive man that seems to know his way around the trail. Nick takes the couple to his girlfriend Gina, and Cliff and Cydney decide to team up with them.

They also hear rumors about a gruesome murder on a couple, which has taken place on a beach nearby. Cliff manages to confirm the news and through his cell, he learns that survivals cameras have caught the murders on video and that they are a man and a woman. This sets Cliff’s imagination into overdrive and soon his suspiciousness aims towards his newfound hiking friends.

The story then unfolds into a classic cat-and-mouse game, taking place in something akin to heaven on earth, where no one is to be trusted, nor seems to be what them claims to be.

Before I saw the movie, I thought that Milla Jovovich would be the incontestable star of this movie. Although, even though Jovovich delivers, as usual, I think that Timothy Olyphant overshadowed her, by far.

Olyphant delivers an undisputable and high-spirited interpretation of the cocky military Nick, which was a delight to watch. In addition, Steve Zahn also served up a solid interpretation of the somewhat physically weak and ineffectual Cliff.

Olyphant and Zahn gives us many memorable scenes, like the one where Nick tells a vivid story about how he got a grenade shell into his skull and how they covered the hole with a metal plate. You can clearly see that they both enjoyed doing this movie, which I think is one of the keys to their splendid performances.

Even thought you will certainly work out the twist, before it actually happen, the director David Twohy tells his story in such a clever way, that the movie goes on regardless; keeping us in the chairs until the end. That is also one of the reason to why I think that you will be able to watch it a couple of times, at least, before it will become tiresome and dull.

Overall, I think that David Twohy, with the help of the actors rattling performances, has created a swift and hearty thriller that is well worth watching.

My rating of “A Perfect Getaway”:


Zombieland Review

First, Zombieland is a comedy, but it contains plenty of gore and bloodshed to satisfy any hardcore zombie fan as well. It has everything and I mean everything related to zombies like Zombie brides, a weird football player episode and of course, the surprise zombies in the bathroom scene, plus the zombie chick in the yellow bikini, as well. I especially like the scene, where a zombie gets up-close and personal, with a piano!

It’s rather apparent, that the major frontrunner in this fun/ bloodshed genre, Shaun of the Dead, has inspired the team behind Zombieland. However, I think that they have managed to create a movie that is able to make you laugh and jump with fright at the same time, in a slightly cooler way than its predecessor did.

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Episode 3 – Free To Be You and Me

I was optimistic that this episode would be the best this season, so far, in this season, since it would focus mainly on my two favorite characters, Dean and Cass. I was right. It was a witty one, yet filled with a tad of both drama and action.

The episode starts with Sam, lying in a bed at a motel, having trouble sleeping.  As he turns around in bed, he’s suddenly face-to-face with his dead girlfriend, who tells him, that she misses him.

Sam says that he’s dreaming, but Jessica wonders what the difference is, since she’s there all the same. Sam continues to say that he misses her so much, and Jessica tells him that she knows that.

They continue to talk about Sam’s decision to give up hunting and Jessica asks why he’s running away and if he doesn’t, tried that road, once before.  Sam explains that this time it’s different, since he now knows he’s a freak.

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