We Need to Do Something Trailer

I enjoy horror movies where the characters find themselves trapped in a confined space, as it can create an up-close and chilling story as the characters’ minds break down from the stress. Sean King O’Grady’s upcoming movie, We Need to Do Something, seems to fit right in, according to the trailer.

In the center of the movie, we find a family who rush to the safety of their bathroom as a massive storm descends upon them. Soon they discover they’re trapped, and as the days pass with no sign from the world outside, the situation drift from bad to worse.

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John and the Hole Trailer

There are lots of things you can put in a hole in the ground…

I find the premise for the psychological thriller John and the Hole, intriguing and charmingly disturbing. The story revolves around John, a young boy who has trapped his family in a hole in the ground. Judging by the trailer it seems to boil down to that John wants to know how it’s like to be an adult and when one stops being a kid, which makes him take radical action.

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International Trailer for The Hitman’s Bodyguard

Great cast, good story and a lot of action and wits in Patrick Hughes upcoming action comedy “The Hitman’s Bodyguard”.

After watching the international trailer, I’m think that placing Ryan Reynolds and Samuel L. Jackson together feels brilliant. The chemistry between them, with Ryan as the serious hard-working man, against Jackson’s action-first-thinking-later-attitude, might result in an astonishing and entertaining movie.

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