SAW 3D Review

After the first Saw movie, which presented something genuine and innovative, I have come to enjoy the sequels, which has for the most part felt like bland copies, mostly for the traps rather than the storylines. I really hoped that Saw 3D would give me something that was up to par with the first movie, … Read more

The Walking Dead – The First Impression

Over five million viewers tuned in to see the premiere of AMC’s promising and groundbreaking zombie drama The Walking Dead, making it the biggest success in AMC’s history, beating the premiere of HBO’s series, Boardwalk Empire!

Naturally, the president of AMC, Charlie Collier, where very pleased with the success and said that they’re very proud of the series and its depth of storytelling, which he thinks raises the bar within the genre.

I cannot agree more, actually, as the first episode exceeded my expectations by far!

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13: Game of Death (13 game sayawng) – Review

At the moment “Saw 3D” is dominating the box office, with its lethal and sinister traps, which we never seem to get enough of.

Therefore, I thought I would give you a tip of another movie that is quite similar to the concept of the Saw franchise, except its simply more proficient – 13: Game of Death.

“13: Game of Death” is a gritty drama from2006, skillfully created by the Thai director Chukiat Sakveerakul, which has won numerous awards and currently holds an IMDB rating of 6,8. Surprisingly, for some odd reason, it isn’t that known by the majority of horror fans and chances are that you have missed this ghastly gem.

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The Book of Eli Review

After an unspecified war, the world has decayed into a washed-out wasteland, filled with ruthless road gangs and cannibals, constantly on the lookout for wanderers to despoil. It’s here we find Eli, a lone walker heading west, with a quest to bring a holy book, to a place where it’s needed. When Eli steps into … Read more