In the Tall Grass Movie Review

In the Tall Grass is based on a novelette by Stephen King and his son Joe hill, which takes you deep into a mysterious grass field in the American countryside. The movie begins with Becky and Cal, two siblings on a road trip to meet an intended adoption family for Becky’s unborn child. When Becky … Read more

Stylish Trailer for Mosquito State

The trailer for Filip Jan Rymsza’s award winning Mosquito State looks quite elegant. In fact, I like everything about it. From the stylish set-up, the grim color scheme to the music, and of course, those mosquitos make my skin crawl. Also, Hollywood Reporter described it as ‘Cronenberg meets Kafka’. The story revolves around Richard Boca … Read more

We Need to Do Something Trailer

I enjoy horror movies where the characters find themselves trapped in a confined space, as it can create an up-close and chilling story as the characters’ minds break down from the stress. Sean King O’Grady’s upcoming movie, We Need to Do Something, seems to fit right in, according to the trailer. In the center of … Read more

John and the Hole Trailer

There are lots of things you can put in a hole in the ground… I find the premise for the psychological thriller John and the Hole, intriguing and charmingly disturbing. The story revolves around John, a young boy who has trapped his family in a hole in the ground. Judging by the trailer it seems … Read more