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New Movie Releases July 2022

Among the upcoming movies in July 2022, I’ve found a couple that I think you should circle in your calendar. Or what do you say about witches from the past, a prowling shark, a dark comedy, a sci-fi thriller and a visit to a lonely gulch of inland California?

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Fierce second trailer for The Black Phone

I find the premise for director Scott Derrickson’s upcoming horror movie The Black Phone, both fresh and interesting.

The story revolves around Finney, a young boy abducted by a masked killer and locked up in a cellar. To his surprise, a disconnected phone on the wall rings and when he answers, he finds the killer’s previous victims on the other end hellbent to save Finney. The man behind the attention-grabbing story is no other than the award-winning Joe Hill, who gave us Locke & Key and NOS4A2, among other riveting stories.

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Monstrous Trailer Is Stirring

Not only does the upcoming horror movie Monstrous star Christina Ricci, it also radiates a wonderful Cthulhu vibe, which deserves a red circle in the almanac.

The story takes place in rural America in the 1950s and revolves around Laura Butler (Ricci) and her son Cody (Santino Barnard). After a traumatic event, Laura decide to take Cody and flee from her abusive husband. They end up in a perfect little farmhouse near a pond and Laura finds a perfect job. Everything seems to work out until Cody reveals there’s a monster living in the pond that is out to get him.

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In the Tall Grass Movie Review

In the Tall Grass is based on a novelette by Stephen King and his son Joe hill, which takes you deep into a mysterious grass field in the American countryside.

The movie begins with Becky and Cal, two siblings on a road trip to meet an intended adoption family for Becky’s unborn child. When Becky feels ill, they stop by a vast field besides by an old church. When they hear a faint call for help from a young boy from within the field, they decide to help him. As they venture into the field, they soon find themselves lost and separated by the dense grass. They try to locate each other, but to their confusion, their voices and location seem to change. Then they hear other voices and when a mysterious young boy approaches Cal, and we learn that there’s something seriously wrong with the field.

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Stylish Trailer for Mosquito State

The trailer for Filip Jan Rymsza’s award winning Mosquito State looks quite elegant. In fact, I like everything about it. From the stylish set-up, the grim color scheme to the music, and of course, those mosquitos make my skin crawl. Also, Hollywood Reporter described it as ‘Cronenberg meets Kafka’.

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