Monstrous Trailer Is Stirring

Not only does the upcoming horror movie Monstrous star Christina Ricci, it also radiates a wonderful Cthulhu vibe, which deserves a red circle in the almanac.

The story takes place in rural America in the 1950s and revolves around Laura Butler (Ricci) and her son Cody (Santino Barnard). After a traumatic event, Laura decide to take Cody and flee from her abusive husband. They end up in a perfect little farmhouse near a pond and Laura finds a perfect job. Everything seems to work out until Cody reveals there’s a monster living in the pond that is out to get him.

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A Blessing From Above

A horror story about the friendly neighbor Lenny, a retired veterinarian, who becomes witness to a delicate situation at the house next door, and lends a hand.

. . .

Lenny Hancock folded the morning paper and placed it beside his coffee and the half-eaten ham sandwich. His neighbor Mike’s shiny black Ford came up on the old gravel road, followed by a dust cloud that billowed over the wheat-fields. Lenny found it odd, since no one dared to use that pot riddled back-road these days, beside Bob and his old tractor. He glanced at the old Omega clock on his wrist. It was half past ten. Mike shouldn’t be home from the mill for at least another 6 hours. He suspected that the rusty wreck of a car parked under the massive apple trees in Mike’s driveway had something to do with his swift arrival.

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In the Tall Grass Movie Review

In the Tall Grass is based on a novelette by Stephen King and his son Joe hill, which takes you deep into a mysterious grass field in the American countryside.

The movie begins with Becky and Cal, two siblings on a road trip to meet an intended adoption family for Becky’s unborn child. When Becky feels ill, they stop by a vast field besides by an old church. When they hear a faint call for help from a young boy from within the field, they decide to help him. As they venture into the field, they soon find themselves lost and separated by the dense grass. They try to locate each other, but to their confusion, their voices and location seem to change. Then they hear other voices and when a mysterious young boy approaches Cal, and we learn that there’s something seriously wrong with the field.

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We Need to Do Something Trailer

I enjoy horror movies where the characters find themselves trapped in a confined space, as it can create an up-close and chilling story as the characters’ minds break down from the stress. Sean King O’Grady’s upcoming movie, We Need to Do Something, seems to fit right in, according to the trailer.

In the center of the movie, we find a family who rush to the safety of their bathroom as a massive storm descends upon them. Soon they discover they’re trapped, and as the days pass with no sign from the world outside, the situation drift from bad to worse.

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