Left Behind

A dark flash fiction, revolving around the thoughts and reflections that rise from a tragic accident.

. . .

The first thing I see as I wake up is where it happened. From my bedroom window, I see the open fields, the old spruce forest and the highway resting on the hill. At night, the headlights cruise through the darkness like fireflies.

That evening, we had dinner at the Crawfords. It was a couple of days after I noticed a suspicious look behind my wife’s warm eyes. At our quick and heated rendezvous at lunch that day, Mrs. Crawford had assured me I had nothing to worry about. “Nobody knows,” Mrs. Crawford assured me, and my wife’s smiles, glances and touches that evening proved it.

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The Pope’s Exorcist – Official Trailer

Russell Crowe, Vatican mysticism and eerie demons are the key ingredients as the Samaritan director Julies Avery steps into the horror genre with The Pope’s Exorcist.

The story in The Pope’s Exorcist revolves around the Vatican’s chief exorcist Father Gabriel Amorth, who uncovers a centuries-old conspiracy while investigating the possession of a young boy.

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Fierce second trailer for The Black Phone

I find the premise for director Scott Derrickson’s upcoming horror movie The Black Phone, both fresh and interesting.

The story revolves around Finney, a young boy abducted by a masked killer and locked up in a cellar. To his surprise, a disconnected phone on the wall rings and when he answers, he finds the killer’s previous victims on the other end hellbent to save Finney. The man behind the attention-grabbing story is no other than the award-winning Joe Hill, who gave us Locke & Key and NOS4A2, among other riveting stories.

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