New Movie Releases July 2022

Among the upcoming movies in July 2022, I’ve found a couple that I think you should circle in your calendar. Or what do you say about witches from the past, a prowling shark, a dark comedy, a sci-fi thriller and a visit to a lonely gulch of inland California?

Rubikon – 1 July limited release

First, we have the sci-fi thriller Rubikon from IFC Midnight. A group of scientist is onboard a space station for algae experiments witness how a thick brown fog spread over earth. After the initial shock, they debate whether they should leave the station and look for survivors or not. I think the trailer shows an almost claustrophobic experience, filmed tightly to the drama and the characters. Check out the trailer and see if it’s catch your interest.

Rubikon Trailer

She Will – 15 July

The movie is a psychological horror set out in the Scottish countryside, where witches once burned. Alice Krige plays an ageing actor who recovers from surgery, and faces past traumas, revenge, the power of nature and the unconscious. The movie seems to have an eerie horror story atmosphere, together with beautiful filmed scenes.

She Will Trailer

Vengeance – 29 July

Since I’m a sucker for dark humour, I must include B. J. Novak’s dark comedy, Vengeance, which he wrote, directed and plays in. In Vengeance, we follow a podcaster on his journey to Texas, where he looks into the death of a girl he had hooked up with. Alongside Novak, we see Ashton Kutcher and Sarah Minnich, among others.

Vengeance Trailer

The Reef: Stalked – 29 July

Writer and director Andrew Traucki returns with a standalone sequel to his 2010 The Reef. After their sister’s murder, Nic and Annie bring a couple of friends and go on a kayaking and diving adventure in the Pacific island. On their first day in the water, a great white shark shows up and stalks them. What was supposed to be a time of solace turns into a nightmare, where the girls most overcome their fears and band together to survive. I have a strong liking for shark horror, so I look forward to jumping into the water to meet this one on July 29.

The Reef Stalked Trailer

Nope – 22 July

I guess Jordan Peele’s movie Nope will be the among the most expected horror movies this year. In Nope, Pelle sets the story in a lonely gulch in California, where two siblings try to get video evidence of what killed their father. I like Peele’s story telling with compelling characters, a subtle touch of humor and complete endings. Nope seems to be made with the same passion as Get out and Us and I think we’re on for thrilling ride.

Nope Final Trailer

The Quarry – A Horror Game

I also look forward to playing the Quarry, which just landed on consoles and PC. In the game you take control over 9 counsellors and must try to keep them alive through their last night at Hackett’s Quarry summer camp, while fighting off monsters and crazy locals. Among the characters, we find known faces like Lance Henriksen, Ariel Winter, Halston Sage, and Brenda Song, among others. The main game takes around 10 hours to complete, but will last a lot longer considering the different deaths and endings you can achieve.

The Quarry Launch Trailer