We Need to Do Something Trailer

I enjoy horror movies where the characters find themselves trapped in a confined space, as it can create an up-close and chilling story as the characters’ minds break down from the stress. Sean King O’Grady’s upcoming movie, We Need to Do Something, seems to fit right in, according to the trailer.

In the center of the movie, we find a family who rush to the safety of their bathroom as a massive storm descends upon them. Soon they discover they’re trapped, and as the days pass with no sign from the world outside, the situation drift from bad to worse.

Pat Healy from the TV series Station 19 and Them stars as the head of the family alongside Vinessa Shaw, Sierra McCormick, John James Cronin.

The story is an adaption by Max Brooks from his 2020 novella with the same name. The novella has gotten favorable reviews and holds a 4+ rating on Goodreads. I look forward to meeting the family on September 3 and see what’s going on under the surface.

We Need to Do Something – Official Trailer

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