Intense Trailer for The Bye Bye Man

Even though the trailer for the upcoming Bye Bye Man starts a tad slow, it sure picks up towards the end, leaving you with an urge to see more. In The Bye Bye Man, three college friends moves into a house together and happens to awake a dark entity, which can drive a person to do unspeakable acts. Once The Bye Bye Man gets a foothold in your mind, he takes control and there’s only one thing that seems to break the curse, do not think or speak, about him.

This will be the first movie directed by Stacy Title in ten years, since Hood of Horror, 2006. In the cast we find Douglas Smith (Vinyl), Carrie-Anne Moss (The Matrix) and Doug Jones (The Strain) as The Bye Bye Man.

The Bye Bye Man premiers on January 13th, which cannot be a better setting to go and see a horror movie, since that date is a Friday! Check out the trailer below and see what you think about The Bye Bye Man.

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