Movies in the Works: 27 Nov, 2016

I found some interesting titles that are being in the works, which might be coming our way in the next couple of years.

First we have Inversion [2018]; a Sci-Fi movie where the earth’s gravity fades away and how two people are trying to halt it. Samuel L. Jackson, Travis Fimmel (Warcraft) and Yifei Liu (The Forbidden Kingdom) stars in the movie, which starts shooting early next year.

In He’s Out There, Yvonne Strahovski plays a mother on a vacation at a lake house, with her two daughters, as they fall prey to a psychopath.  It’s not Strahovski’s first meet with a serial killer, as she played Hannah McKay in the TV-show Dexter. Dennis Illiadis (The Last House on the Left, 2009) is directing a story written by Mike Scannell. There is no release date yet, but it is in post-production.

An American Werewolf in London from 1981, where two American tourists in England stumbles upon a local Werewolf, is getting a remake. Max Landis will direct, from his own script. Another werewolf related title in the works is The Wolfman, written by Aaron Guzikowski (Friday the 13th, 2017). Wolfman centers on a man, who starts to transform, after being bit by a wolf.

The immortal highlander Connor MacLeod is also getting a remake, with the John Wick director Chad Stahelski at the helm. Matt Holloway and Art Marcum, both involved with the upcoming Transformers movies, are behind the script. I liked the original and think it would be great if they could find a way to include Christopher Lambert in this one.

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