The Autopsy of Jane Doe – Red Band Trailer

I think that this red band trailer for the upcoming movie, The Autopsy of Jane Doe, gives a thrilling and eerie impression. I like the subtle feeling of confinement, and that the story is shown close to the characters.  The unnerving theme helps too.

The story takes place in a morgue, where a father and son are working. One night an unidentified woman, victim of a mysterious homicide, lands on their table. As they go ahead with their post-mortem examination of the woman, strange events start to manifest, with clues to who their Jane Doe is and how she got there.

André Øvredal, the Norwegian behind Trollhunter (2010) has directed the movie.  Ophelia Lovibond, who did a great job as Kitty Winter in Elementary, plays the part of Jane Doe, while Brian Cox, who won an Emmy award for Nuremberg (2000), plays the father and Emile Hirsch, from Into the Wild and Lone Survivor, plays the son.

You can step into the morgue on the movie’s limited release on December 21, but before that you can catch the trailer below and see what you think about it.

Red Band Trailer for The Autopsy of Jane Doe on TrailerAddict.

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