Wer – a werewolf indie to be unleashed on DVD

Wer seems to be an interesting werewolf horror from The Devil Inside director William Brent Bell, staring A.J. Cook from Criminal Minds, Sebastian Roché, who played Balthazar in Supernatural and Vik Sahay.

In the movie we meet defense attorney Kate Moore (A.J. Cook) who is assigned to defend a mysterious loner, who’s accused of a horrific massacre on a vacationing family. As the investigation proceeds, Moore starts to suspect that there could be something inhuman dwelling inside her client’s body.

Even though the trailer is a tad more revealing than I had whished for, it looks like Wer serves up a nice twist of werewolf legend, in a modern setting, with found footage elements mixed in. Check it out below and see what you think .

Wer is already unleashed on VoD and awaits a single DVD release on September 23, which you can pre-order through Amazon right now.

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