Second trailer for Rob Zombie’s Lords of Salem

I think that the second official trailer for Rob Zombie’s latest creation, The Lords of Salem, is rather good and you can almost feel an uncomfortable and glooming breeze pass by you as you watch it.

In Lords of Salem, we meet Heidi, a cool blond rock chick who works as a DJ on a local radio station. One day she receives a mysterious wooden box, containing a song by a band called, The Lords. When Heidi plays the song, it starts to play backwards, and she experiences a traumatic flashback of her town’s violent past. When another box arrives, Heidi doesn’t know if she is going mad, or if the Lords are back to take revenge on Salem.

On April 19, Anchor Bay will give, The Lords of Salem, a limited release in selected theaters and after that, I assume this gem will be available on DVD/Blu-ray and VoD.

Wait there is more! If you want more of Rob Zombie’s The Lords of Salem, you can head over to Deadline and feast your eyes with an EXCLUSIVE clip from the movie, by clicking here.

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