The Last Exorcism Part II –TV-Spot

The TV-spot below for the upcoming sequel of The Last Exorcism, which is a revised version of the theatrical trailer, doesn’t stir up any fears, but I’m glad that they have ditched the found-footage angle this time, which gets my hope up a bit, or what do you think?

The story in The Last Exorcism Part II starts when the first movie throws in the towel, with Nell alone in the forest, scared out of her wits. After she is safe back in the civilization, she finds out that, she’s the last surviving member of her family and that she has memory blanks from the terrifying incident she experienced in the previous movie. As she slowly begins to piece her life back together, she discovers that so has the evil force that once possessed her as well, and this time it has another horrific plan in store for her.

Check it out below and see if it’ll drag you to the theater on March 1, later this spring.


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