Dexter’s Dad in The Trailer for All Superheroes Must Die

In this trailer for Jason Trost’s upcoming movie, All Superheroes Must Die, we see the villain Rickshaw, played by Dexter’s dad James Remar, explaining the ground rules for our captured superheroes.

The story in All Superheroes Must Die is best described like a hybrid between Kick-Ass and Saw, where an evil villain has captured a group of superheroes and forcing them to compete in a series of challenges, to save an abandoned town, full of kidnapped innocent civilians.

All Superheroes Must Die, which was written in just four days and filmed in fifteen, will have a limited premiere on January 4, before its DVD release on January 29, next year.

Jason Trost has hinted that a sequel might be possible, which would be set five years later and have a completely different tone and perspective. However, I suspect that it’s the reception of this first movie that decides the fate of a possible sequel.

Check out the trailer below and vent your thoughts about in the comments below.

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