Apartment 1303 Hits Russia on December 6

Although Michele Taverna‘s remake of the Japanese horror movie Apartment 1303, from 2007, goes up in Russian’s theaters tomorrow, there’s still no information about when it will go up on US screens.

The story in Apartment 1303 comes in a dark and tragic wrapping. After one of many fights with her mother, Janet decides that it’s time to move out. She stumbles on an apartment, located on the thirteenth floor, downtown, in a depressed part of Detroit. When Janet settles in, she meets the 9-year-old girl in the apartment next-door, who kindly tells her that the last tenant, in Janet apartment, threw herself from the balcony.

Soon afterwards, Janet starts to experiences strange and unpleasant things. When she shows up at work, with bruises, her co-workers suspect that her boyfriend, Mark, is abusive towards her. Something Janet denies with the explanation that she must have been sleepwalking.

Nevertheless, one evening Janet gets upset after being witness to a robbery nearby and Mark rushes over to the apartment to comfort her. Later that night Janet wakes up, only to discover that Mark is gone. Moments later, a supernatural force grabs on to her, and launches her body out of the apartment, to a certain death, thirteen floors below.

Days later, when Lara visits the apartment, to collect the belongings of her late sister, she also experience strange events and she starts to suspect that her sisters didn’t commit suicide.

In the cast we find Julianne Michelle as Janet, Mischa Barton as the younger sister Lara and as the mother, the late 50′s singer Maddie Slate, we have Rebecca De Mornay.

Even though haven’t got a date, for a US release yet, we can still enjoy this new trailer and the wicked cool poster, for the movie.

The Wicked cool poster for Apartment 1303


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