Bruce Willis Travels in Time in Looper

I caught the trailer for Bruce Willis upcoming Sci-fi movie Looper today and thought that the somewhat twisted story seems appealing.

The story, written by the director Rian Johnson, is basically a twist on the time traveling theme. In the center of the story we find Joe, a “Looper,” who lives a careless life in the year 2042. A Looper is essentially a hit-man, who kills people that the mafia sends back from 2072. One day, as Joe is about to wipe out a new target, he recognizes it as himself, fro the future. He hesitates, and his future self manages to escape . . .

Joseph Gordon-Levitt, who we could see in Christopher Nolan’s brilliant Sci-fi piece Inception, plays the young Joe, while Bruce Willis plays the older version.

Have a look at the trailer below and see what you reckon of one part Sci-fi, one part action and two parts of Bruce Willis. Looper will go up in the theaters on September 28, this fall.

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