Weaver takes on De Niro in Red Lights

In the upcoming thriller Red Lights, we can enjoy seeing Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver as they go head to head in an enthralling story that revolves around the fascinating phenomena of psychics.

Sigourney Weaver plays Margaret Matheson, a psychologist who has specialized in examines and exposes psychics who claim that they possess supernatural powers.

When Margaret feels that her job has become way too easy, her assistant Tom Buckley, played by the superb Cillian Murphy, suggests that they turn their investigative eyes toward Robert De Niro’s character Simon Silver, a world-renowned psychic with seemingly true supernatural powers. Something that Margaret, who thinks that Silver is a truly dangerous man, isn’t all that keen on.

When Tom, despite Margaret’s warnings, continues with his investigation, he finds himself up against Silver, facing his alleged powers.

Rodrigo Cortés have directed the movie, who also gave us Buried starring Ryan Reynolds in the lead, a couple of years ago, which where a really nail-biting thriller and I have a feeling that Red Lights will be at least as suspenseful.

I think that De Niro can be great in this type of role, something that we get a taste of, below, in the trailer. Also, Weaver and Murphy seem to have been perfectly cast to bring this story alive on the screen, or what do you think?

Red Lights will appear in UK theaters on June 22 and the month after it’ll hit US on July 13.

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