Safety Not Guaranteed in Time Traveling

Wouldn’t you stop and think for a bit if you came across a classified ad, seeking a companion for time travel, stating that you have to bring your own weapons, and that no one will guarantee your safety?

That is the premise for Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming movie, Safety Not Guaranteed, where we get to follow three magazine employees, which heads out to find the one who placed the ad in the first place.

Now, although the poster, plus the premise, could suggest that this is a sci-fi movie, it’s not, it’s a comedy. Nevertheless, Safety Not Guaranteed, has received some great reviews, describing the movie as “charming, witty, quirky and totally kicked ass chuck Norris style,” which sounds pretty solid. It also won the Waldo Salt Screenwriting Award, at the 2012 edition of the Sundance Film Festival.

In Safety Not Guaranteed we get to see Kristen Bell, Jake M. Johnson and Aubrey Plaza, and it’s slated for a limited US release on June 8, this summer.

So, although Safety Not Guaranteed is not the kind of movie that you usually find here at Box of Horror, I think it deserves to go up on your ‘movies-that-I-need-to-see’ list, not just for the interesting plot, but also for the sake of the cool poster, which you can feast your eyes with below.

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