Bruce Willis Travels in Time in Looper

I caught the trailer for Bruce Willis upcoming Sci-fi movie Looper today and thought that the somewhat twisted story seems appealing.

The story, written by the director Rian Johnson, is basically a twist on the time traveling theme. In the center of the story we find Joe, a “Looper,” who lives a careless life in the year 2042. A Looper is essentially a hit-man, who kills people that the mafia sends back from 2072. One day, as Joe is about to wipe out a new target, he recognizes it as himself, fro the future. He hesitates, and his future self manages to escape . . .

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Weaver takes on De Niro in Red Lights

In the upcoming thriller Red Lights, we can enjoy seeing Robert De Niro and Sigourney Weaver as they go head to head in an enthralling story that revolves around the fascinating phenomena of psychics. Sigourney Weaver plays Margaret Matheson, a psychologist who has specialized in examines and exposes psychics who claim that they possess supernatural … Read more

Safety Not Guaranteed in Time Traveling

Wouldn’t you stop and think for a bit if you came across a classified ad, seeking a companion for time travel, stating that you have to bring your own weapons, and that no one will guarantee your safety? That is the premise for Colin Trevorrow’s upcoming movie, Safety Not Guaranteed, where we get to follow … Read more