Fresh TV-spots for The Hunger Games

Here is a couple of new engaging TV-spots for the movie adaptation of Suzanne Collins book series, The Hunger Games, which will storm into a theater near you on March 23.

The plot, which must be a wet dream for any unscrupulous TV-producer, is set in the post apocalyptic nation Panem and revolves around the hunger games — a live television event where 24 teens are selected to fight each other to death.

In the center of this brutal, yet fascinating story, we find Katniss, played by Jennifer Lawrence, who volunteers to take her younger sister’s place in the games. As her counterpart she gets the young man Peeta, played by Josh Hutcherson, and together they must use their abilities to the fullest, to defeat their opponents, which are all bigger, stronger and have trained for this event their whole life.

Since Donald Sutherland is in it, playing President Snow, the movie will most likely rock, but check out the TV-spots below to see what you of The Hunger Games.

One thought on “Fresh TV-spots for The Hunger Games

  1. Parents, caveat emptor! The storyline is brutal. Even though the writing is geared for young adults, the main characters are teenagers, there’s very little physical romance, and the actual violence would probably count as PG-13 nowadays… it’s probably one of the most terrifying books I’ve read in a very long time!


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