Theatrical Trailer for Underworld Awakening

In the fourth instalment of the Underworld saga, Awakening, the humans discover that vampires and werewolves walk among them, which leads them to start a war, to extinguish those abnormal species. As the vampire warrior Selene breaks out of imprisonment, she stumbles right into the middle of the war, where she finds herself as the … Read more

International Poster for Bloodwork a.k.a Phase 1

The international poster for Eric Wostenberg’s upcoming thriller/sci-fi piece Bloodwork, previously known as Phase One, has just been released. The movie stars Travis Van Winkle, who stared in Transformers 3 and Friday the 13th, Mircea Monroe and also Tricia Helfer. The story, which David Nahmod (Vendetta) wrote revolves around two friends who decide to enlist … Read more