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Month: November 2011

Theatrical Trailer for Underworld Awakening

In the fourth instalment of the Underworld saga, Awakening, the humans discover that vampires and werewolves walk among them, which leads them to start a war, to extinguish those abnormal species. As the vampire warrior Selene breaks out of imprisonment, she stumbles right into the middle of the war, where she finds herself as the leader in the battle against mankind.

I think that this theatrical trailer, besides the huge Resident Evil vibes it gave me, looks okay, but I would have preferred a prequel, taking place a couple of centuries ago, rather than a sequel, though.

Awakening is directed by the Swedish duo of Måns Mårlind and Björn Stein, who recently handed us the thriller Shelter, and you can go and see the result on January 20, in the beginning of next year.

International Poster for Bloodwork a.k.a Phase 1

The international poster for Eric Wostenberg’s upcoming thriller/sci-fi piece Bloodwork, previously known as Phase One, has just been released. The movie stars Travis Van Winkle, who stared in Transformers 3 and Friday the 13th, Mircea Monroe and also Tricia Helfer.

The story, which David Nahmod (Vendetta) wrote revolves around two friends who decide to enlist in an allergy drug testing test, to found their trip to Europe. Of course, the testing doesn’t have anything to do with allergies, instead it’s a government founded test revolving around human regeneration. As they discover the true meaning of the test, they want to get out of the test program, something that’s easier said than done.

International Poster for Bloodwork

International Poster for Bloodwork a.k.a Phase 1

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