Captivating Trailer for Evil Things

This captivating trailer for Dominic Perez’s upcoming found-footage movie, Evil Things, draws the image of an intense and bloodcurdling story, which will creep up under your skin.

Evil Things shows the nightmarish events, which preceded the disappearing of a group of friends, who had taken a trip to a remote cabin to celebrate a 21th birthday, documented by the video camera, found by the police on the site.

For this kind of movie to work, it must really make us believe that the events it’s depicting are genuine, or at least plausible – that the frightening events could actually happen to us too.

I think that this trailer depicts such a movie, which will grab you by the neck, shove your face deep into the nightmarish events, and not let go until the last thrilling frame. Have a look at the trailer yourself and give us your thoughts about whether Evil Things has what it takes to scare your socks off or not.

Evil Things Trailer

Check out Evil Things at Amazon. The movie will also arrive in Canada and UK on October 10, this fall. You can learn more about the movie at the Evil Things homepage.

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