The Hunger Games Already Got a Sequel

The Hunger Games Poster
While Director Gary Ross is busy filming The Hunger Games, the first adaptation of Suzanne Collins trilogy, Lionsgate already announces that they will make a sequel and that it will land in the theaters on Thanksgiving weekend, November 22, 2013.

Joe Drake, Lionsgate COO, said in a statement that they believe the story in The Hunger Games truly offers something for everyone. He also said that the period around Thanksgiving weekend is such an opportunity for families and friends to make an event of going to the movies.

I like this fierce move by Lionsgate. It’s clear that they think very high about the first Hunger Games movie, and that they’re confidence it’ll rock the Box Office in March 23, next autumn.

The story in The Hunger Games, is set in a not-too-distant future, where North America has collapsed and been replaced by Panem, a country divided into the Capitol and 13 districts. Each year The Hunger Games is held, a fight to the death event, which is broadcast all over Panem and every district much pay tribute to the Capitol, by sending out two young participants to the game.

When Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) young sister, Prim, is picked out, she volunteers to take her place and together with her male counterpart, Peeta (Josh Hutcherson), the duo most face bigger, stronger participants, who have trained for The Hunger Games, their whole lives.

I like the story, the dystopian setting and the game where a group of teenagers is pitted against each other, in a life and death game. Feels almost like a bizarre twist on Lord of the Flies and I think that Lionsgate might be on to something – this movie could actually be epic, or what are your thoughts about The Hunger Games?

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