Halloween III Coming 2012?

Although Rob Zombie started the Halloween reboot in 2007 and followed it up with Halloween II in 2009, he will not be onboard for Halloween III, which is currently slated to hit the theaters on October 26, 2012.

Earlier this summer, Trancas International, the production company behind the movie, announced that they had started the production, but they didn’t reveal anything about the cast or the crew though.

However, before the production came to a stop in 2009, the director Patrick Lussier and writer Todd Farmer was onboard, with a story that picked up after the last frame of Zombie’s Halloween II. Since then the duo has been occupied with the Hellraiser reboot, but I guess it’s safe to assume that they are the ones that will serve us Halloween III, nonetheless.

Would be kind of strange if they would bring another director and script to the table, considering that a release date has been set? Yet, since release dates are seldom set in stone, things can still change for Halloween III, but I really hope that they manage to deliver this bad boy to us next fall. Anyway, stay tuned for future updates regarding Halloween III.

What are your thoughts about Rob Zombie being absent from Halloween III, good or bad?

24 thoughts on “Halloween III Coming 2012?”

  1. Thank god he ant involved in this one he really really effed things up with seeing horses an his mom beard moaning both movies he mad so disappointing

  2. bad carpenters films were good but zombie kept it original and not so long winded if they could do remakes that werent blown out of wack like the first 2 original halloweens were good that should have ended it but the 2 remakes are good if they can make like one more and not screw with it entirely it will be worth it

  3. Rob Zombie should do his own things and not filming a remake of any movie, because he did a really bad job with Halloween. Still, choosing another direcor will not be so helpful since Halloween is one of those movies no one should be allowed to touch!

  4. He did a good job with H1 remake. Not as clean cut and very well done. H2 pretty good but more of his style. Now I think that if there continuing the movie he decide two make two of its going to be awkward.

  5. For the love of God, leave the movie series alone and let it end with some scrap of dignity left. Rob Zombie’s remake was okay, but PLEASE just leave Halloween alone you greedy movie directors/executives -_-*

  6. Halloween is a series that shouldn’t be remade. Rob Zombie ruined the 2nd one for sure, it was soo off. He should do his own instead of ‘making his own’ of already CLASSICS. *barf* and the 2nd one was stupid with the horse, the mom and it wasnt even remotely close to the 2nd Original. All so his stupid wife can be in it too. Double barf.

  7. I think bad because I seemed to like both of Rob Zombie’s remakes. I think he could have made the end of Halloween 2 a little better but i guess it makes a dif if he dont want to go on with the films. Rob Zombie could have atleast made the 3rd remake and leave it at that. If he stayed to make Halloween 3 i think it would have made him and his films look better, and not make the end of the 2nt one look bad and the films so short. Im not trying to put this all on Rob Zombie but its true…

  8. These other viewers must be pussy,both movie remakes were magnificent I was never scared of Mike Myers in the past and I put him well below Freddy or Jason but when Rob Zombie fixed this movie by adding true brutality to them he is the number 1 serial killer to me and all that I know who has seen it,Im only checking on the 3rd part because he did such an awesome job on the first 2, im not goin to the theater to see it if he isn’t directing it,I hope he does the Friday the 13th series

  9. ”thank god rob was not the guy for this movie or any two of them don’t get me wrong I do like his music and some of his other movies. but I think michael can go some where creepy or very, very evil they should bring back the guy who really made michael myers back in 1978 and his name is John carpenter. his halloween films were way better then ALL THE OTHER ONES….. but if John comes back I will be seening that in a hartbeet.”

  10. i think its pretty good because he did the opposite of what a halloween film should be, the first remake was good but the 2nd was a big dissapointment -__-..

  11. Why not just continue the franchise in a way that’s consistant with it’s roots. A return to a suspense driven film is the best option. I think the primary reason we haven’t seen this since the original is because it takes skillful writing and directing to create suspense and the Akkad family only seems to be interested with cashing in on the white mask. consequently, we get more teen drug use, sex and foul language and bad acting. This is fine (except for the bad acting) if it serves an artistic purpose but I want to empathise with the victims (Lori Strode) not root for the monster. The subsequent films since the original with the exception of H2, H4 & H20 were crap. I did like some parts of Zombies H1 but I’v never seen a sheriff with a pony tail. His movies always seem as if their filmed in a trailer park. Hey Akkad, do the right thing and invest some money in a quality film before you lose your meal ticket forever. Perhaps instead of going back to Haddonfield, MM can visit the White House. Just a thought! Bring Carpenter back!!!

  12. so….just wow I mean WTF is wrong with all of you who have posted a response thus far. I highly doubt any of you have actually watched any of these movies. The first two originals were works of art far ahead of anything out at that time with radical use of points of view thru out both movies. Then the jump shark movie H3 SotW. That movie was good on a stand alone basic none series movie but fucked up by takeing the name Halloween. The two remakes thus far have been a mixed bag for me. The first remake was done very well and remember neither were actualy remakes. I do believe by word of Mr. Zombie, and i may be wrong here , were in fact reinvisions of the first two originals. if you look at the two films that Zombie made with the Reinvision idea as a basis for judgment then they weren’t that bad. Just think of it as reading the book before watch the movie. You are placeing the whole of your judgment on the idea that they should be exactly the same or with few variations away from the original with a remake where as when you reinvision something you have a lot more room to place your own mark on a old story. Maybe Mr. Zombie came up with these ideas as to why MM was the way he was in the original two. Allthough if he would have watched holloween 4,5, and 6 he would have seen the direction the series has taken to a more pagen theology in regards to stars aligning and the whole Thorn idea. Anywho just my opinion.

  13. I love all the Halloweens but the old part 3 and rob did a great job as it showed what mad mike lose it I’d love to see him do all remake all of them as I watch them all the time

  14. Rob Zombie did an amazing job of creating his own views in the Halloween series, Anyone of you who wanted to see the same thing on screen from the John Carpenter crap film are just dumb, why would i pay to see the same movie just newer, And the second R.Z. Halloween was great because if your family and friends were murdered in front of you like what happened in these movies you would be messed up just like laurie strode was portrayed, it was perfect, and if you have seen the old jamie lee curtis films, they were lame, in comparison too the new ones, there was no drama each movie was the same and H20 what a joke, show respect to a true visionary of Horror films, Rob Zombie showed it how it would be, and that is scary, violent, emotional characters that were affected by what happened ” Halloween 2″, the graphics were true to the gore not exaggerated, It was very well done and hope they stop where he left off it was an exceptional ending. Thank you to all, T.

  15. John Carpenter only directed Halloween part 1 in the original series and wrote parts 1, 2, 5, 6, 7, 8. I don’t like part 7 and 8, but it was made a lot better than Rob Zombie on his best day. Halloween remake part 1 was good in that it answered some questions that were raised in the original series. Halloween remake part 2 was horrible. There was more killing ans slaughtering, but no story. Rob Zombie, stay off of the Halloween series, you are killing it.

  16. I must add that the whole point of the movie was Michael Myers came from a middle class family and he was not 12 when he killed his sister, he was more like 6 which made the crime even more heinous. Also he was a ordinary sized man not some wrestling giant and he was deliberate in his movements. Laurie Strode was the picture of meek, shy, virgin and not the swearing sleaze of the Zombie film.Again Zombie also had to throw homophobic slurs and use the F word every other word throughout the movie. The movie did not focus on anyone but a stripper mother and how everything affected her. He made this movie to taint the original and give his wife the chance to show more bad acting and her bust and butt every other scene. Michael did not come from white trash and anyone profiling the movie would know the character development was darker and twisted than the horrible, horrible, horrible remakes. If I could sue for my money back and the pain and suffering I endured by having to sit through that trash I would.

  17. i actually enjoyed rob zombie’s two Halloween movies. the scene where Laurie discovers Annie’s body in Halloween two is unforgettable.

  18. I’m a huge fan of Michael Myers. He’s my favorite slasher and I just love his style. Walking, silent, and nothing really creative. It’s a lot scarier when he wears a mask because you can’t relate to him. When rob zombie remade the first Halloween it was interesting because it went into his childhood. It was a modern slasher film that was pretty good. The second one is very different from the traditional Michael Myers. He walks around without and kills without his mask. He moans, groans, and shouts DIE! I thought both movies were okay. If the second Halloween wasn’t about Michael Myers and maybe a new serial killer, it would be pretty awesome.

  19. It would be better if it was Rob Zombie directing ‘Halloween III’, however I do not mind who directs it as long as it is a good film/sequel. Unlike that flop ‘Halloween: Resurrection’!

  20. My opinion: Rob Zombie is creative, we all watch scary movies for different reasons. I’m ready for Halloween III n it doesn’t matter to me if its classic Halloween or Rob Zombie’s version both have different plays on things n they keep u guessing on which version ur gona see. Anyone heard anything new about when the next movie is set to come out, I haven’t seen any commercials?

  21. You people are stupid, why do u care if the movie is remade or not??? It doesnt effect the original does it? If u dont like the remakes then dont watch them. I think they are good, and I hope they make a part 3. The more Michael Myers the better!

  22. On the original ones even though they had ten of them. Their is still two of is family members left Lorie strodes son survived in H2O and jamie’s baby is still alive. So I figured he keeps going until their all dead.

  23. I think rob zombie killed it on halloween one and two!!! Hes a freakin genius!!! thy were better than the original halloween movies. I wont watch the third if rob zombie aint part of it 🙁 rob and sherri zombie are the awesome!!!

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