Spicy Concept Art for Nurse 3D (2012)

Tim Palen, the photographer who did the marketing campaigns for the Saw movies, has taken this luscious photo for the pre-production poster, for Douglas (Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas) Aarniokoski’s upcoming horror movie Nurse 3D.

The story line, which the photo kind of summarize, revolves around Abby, a dedicated and caring nurse during the day, but as night falls, she uses her sex appeal to lure cheating men into a brutal and bloody death. When a new nurse shows up, who starts to suspect that Abby has a dark agenda, Abby must find a way to outsmart her, long enough to bring the prime cheater to justice.

Katrina Bowden (Tucker & Dale vs. Evil, Sex Drive) and Paz De La Huerla (Choke, Enter the Void), will play the nurses and we could expect to see the result in September next year.

Concept Art for Nurse 3D (2012)

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