New Remorseless Red State Poster

After Kevin Smith’s tweets, which hinted that the release date for Red State would be moved back from October to September, nobody seems to know what the correct date is anymore. However, despite Smith’s latest notion, the official date for Red State is still October 19.

While the confusion lingers on, we can admire this new poster “Love Thy Neighbor,” which has surfaced onto the net. I like this poster, depicting Kerry Bishe in resolute stance holding an AK-47, which I think conveys a strong and unsentimental atmosphere.

Red State “Love Thy Neighbor” Poster

Red State “Love Thy Neighbor” Poster

The plot revolves around three teenage boys, who sees a personal ad from an older lady looking for some kinky group sex. Since boys will be boys, they respond to the ad. However, the blushing teenage anticipation takes a turn to the worse as they find themselves face-to-face with a terrifying fundamentalist force with a fatal agenda.

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