Jurassic Park 4 Getting Ready to Stomp Into the Theaters

What do you think of visiting Jurassic Park for a fourth time, to meet some brutal dinosaurs? Anyhow, Steven Spielberg seems quite ready to guide us through it, judging by what he said on the panel for The Adventures of Tintin, last weekend at Comic-com.

Apparently Spielberg has a story ready for Jurassic Park 4 already, and there’s some buzz about an unnamed scriptwriter, currently doing some final polishing of the script, as well. Spielberg said he hoped to unleash Jurassic Park 4, into the theaters, within two or three years.

I guess that a good time to release Jurassic Park 4 would be in 2013 – 10 years after the first cgi dinosaurs stomped into the theaters. Hopefully in a near future we’ll get some more information about the project, like what kind of story they have cooked up for us this time.

If you, for some odd reason, need to refresh your memory, you can view the official trailer for Jurassic Park, from 1993, below.

4 thoughts on “Jurassic Park 4 Getting Ready to Stomp Into the Theaters

  1. Absolutely love Jurassic Park as a kid. Was completely stoked to find out that there is a PREHISTORIC CHANNEL. How perfect a concept is that. The Founder of PREHISTORIC CHANNEL has just released his first thriller book. THE ICE GORILLA book is being looked at by movie producers i read, and may be made into a movie. It all depends on how well the book in fact sells. Would be cool to see THE ICE GORILLA made into a movie as well as Jurassic Park 4. Then I could die in peace. LOL


  2. Thanks Tom for the note on this. Prehistoric Channel indeed sounds cool. I just signed up for their free newsletter.

    In regards to THE ICE GORILLA book, I’ve loved this type of stuff ever since I was a kid. Seeing THE ICE GORILLA in movie theaters would be awesome, Hollywood Blockbuster type of awesomeness. The creatures would be huge and the backdrop of the iceshelf would make for a nice visual. This movie would most likely be something for the whole family, so with that said I hope THE ICE GORILLA book does well. I hope it sells 1 million copies and we start to see the advertisements for the movie very soon.


  3. THE ICE GORILLA the movie. That sounds awesome already. Haven’t read the book yet but I believe I will check it out. Keeping my fingers crossed for an ICE GORILLA movie in theaters.


  4. Would be really awesome to see an ICE GORILLA movie in theaters. I mean it makes sense. The thing is now out in theaters and this book THE ICE GORILLA I’m sure would deliver the same type of suspense if given the chance to make it to the big screen.


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