Wrong Turn 4 Release Date and Trailer

After directing Wrong Turn 3, Declan O’Brien returns to the franchise with Wrong Turn 4, and this time he has been responsible for both the directing and the writing.

This time a group of friends, snowmobiling on their winter break, happens to take the wrong turn in a snow storm. Attacked by the harsh elements, they seek shelter at an old sanatorium, which seems to be deserted. Soon the ill-fated group discovers that some of the former patients still reside in the asylum, and they’re not happy about the intrusion . . .

I find the wintery and sanatorium setting gripping, which I think can be a juicy hotbed for some spine-chilling scenes. Maybe even Wrong Turn 4 will outmatch its two predecessors, or what do you think?

Check out the trailer below to see if Wrong Turn 4 is something that you want to buy for you collection, on October 25.

Wrong Turn 4 Trailer

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