CBS Films Got the Rights to Hellfest

CBS Films has just announced that they have grabbed the rights for the horror movie Hellfest. William Penick and Chris Sey wrote the script, based on an idea from Valhalla Entertainment’s Ben Roberts, who will also serve as an executive producer for the movie.

The story in Hellfest takes place on a Halloween night at the premiere of a theme park. What supposed to be a night of fun and joy turns deadly, when a masked killer suddenly begins to hack up the visitors, which all think the killings are part of a show . . .

I think that Hellfest sounds thrilling, especially when someone as Gale Anne Hurd will oversee the project as a producer, through Valhalla Entertainment. Hurd has preciously worked with heavy duty titles such as, The Walking Dead, Aliens and The Terminator, which makes me suspect that Hellfest can turn out to be a great nail bitting piece, as it hits the screens.

The press release didn’t mention any director or actors, being attached to the project, but I guess we’ll hear more about Hellfest when production starts.

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