Official Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

Although it’s almost a whole year to go, before we get to see how Nolan will finish his epic suite of Batman movies with The Dark Knight Rises, a first official trailer has finally risen.

Now, this first trailer will not take you breath way due to its cool action sequences or grand special effects’. I found it more dramatic than anything else, almost a tad boring, really. Instead of throwing some majestic action sequences at us, as I had hoped, we get to see Gordon lying in a bed, with a short glimpse of Batman backing away from what might be Bane, and that’s it.

I liked the fateful chanting in the end though, which got me curious in what way Nolan is going to end his Batman trilogy.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to finally see some real footage, and I think that The Dark Knight Rises will be awesome, as it hit the theaters in July, next summer. I just hope that the next trailer will contain a bit more action, though.

Official Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

By the way, was I the only one who did get some strange Inception vibes as the buildings were falling apart toward the end of the trailer?

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