Fright Night (2011) TV Spot

Below you’ll find the latest TV-spot for the upcoming remake of Fright Night, which will land in both 3D and 2D theaters on August 19, 2011.

For you who had forgot the plot from 1985, the movie revolves around Charley, a teenage boy who suspects that Jerry, his new neighbor, might be a vampire that is responsible for a series of recent deaths. Of course, when Charley shares his suspicions, no one believes him. So Charley sees no other way than to contact Peter Vincent, a self-proclaimed vampire killer and magician, to help him finish off Jerry.

While Colin Farrell takes care of the role of the vampire, Anton Yelchin does the worried Charley. Christopher Mintz-Plasse also has a role in the movie, as ‘Evil’ Ed Thompson.

Judging by the TV-spot, and considering the actors, I think that Fright Night could actually be a decent remake, which might be worth catching when it comes out, or what do you think?

Fright Night TV-spot:

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