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New Remorseless Red State Poster

After Kevin Smith’s tweets, which hinted that the release date for Red State would be moved back from October to September, nobody seems to know what the correct date is anymore. However, despite Smith’s latest notion, the official date for Red State is still October 19.

While the confusion lingers on, we can admire this new poster “Love Thy Neighbor,” which has surfaced onto the net. I like this poster, depicting Kerry Bishe in resolute stance holding an AK-47, which I think conveys a strong and unsentimental atmosphere.

Red State “Love Thy Neighbor” Poster

Red State “Love Thy Neighbor” Poster

The plot revolves around three teenage boys, who sees a personal ad from an older lady looking for some kinky group sex. Since boys will be boys, they respond to the ad. However, the blushing teenage anticipation takes a turn to the worse as they find themselves face-to-face with a terrifying fundamentalist force with a fatal agenda.

Spine-chilling Clip from A Horrible Way to Die

On September 6, Adam Wingard’s provoking and emotional indie horor, A Horrible Way to Die, will tumble down on both Blu-ray and DVD. The movie has been a festival stunner on several festivals like, Sitges, the Toronto International Film Festival and Fantastic Fest.

The story revolves around the serial killer Garrick Turrell (AJ Bowen) and his former girlfriend Sarah (Amy Seimetz). While Sarah, a recovering alcoholic, has moved to a Midwestern town, trying to piece her life back together, Garrick Turrell has broken out of custody, determined to find his ex.

As Sarah meets fellow addict Kevin (Joe Swanberg), at an AA meeting, and interest arises, bodies pile up behind Garrick, as he closes in on her…

The following clip, depicting Turrell with one of his victims at a roadside, feels starkly realistic and it managed to send cold chills down my spine. Check it out yourself, to see what you think about it.

A Horrible Way to Die Clip

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil and Psychoville in FEARnet’s twisted comedy block

Next week you better tune into FEARnet, as they’ll launch their new “Twisted Comedy” block, airing on August 2 at 10pm/est. The block will consist of two series – Todd & The Book of Pure Evil and Psychoville – two wonderfully bewildered and weird pieces, which you wouldn’t want to miss.

Since FEARnet has been so kind to let me see the two premiere episodes, you can read my reviews of, Todd & The Book of Pure Evil and Psychoville, below to get a little head-start.

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Ep. 01 Review

The story:
Todd is your standard looser, who fantasies of becoming a rock star and about Jenny Kolinsky, the hottest girl around. When he stumbles upon a book of awesome powers, making your deepest, darkest desires come true, Todd’s life is up for changes. However, a book like this shouldn’t be in the hands of a teenager . . .

The review:
The episode starts with Todd, daydreaming about Jenny, while he and his naive best friend Curtis, auditioning for the schools Battle of the Bands event, showcasing their mediocre skills, to the audience’s malicious joy.

As Todd, depressed over the audition, smash his guitar into the ground, three strange dudes start talking to him. They tell Todd that if he wants success, then he must seek out The Book of Pure Evil, which the legend says is stitched together with the foreskin of Judas.

Meanwhile, we learn that Jenny is also on the hunt for the book, as she believes it’s an important clue to what happened to her father.

Shortly afterwards, Todd stumbles over the book and it turns out that the book really does help him – to the cost of a measly behavior change. This leads up to a completely enthralling guitar duel between, Todd and his rival Stewart, which is one of the best scenes in this episode, hands down.

Todd and Curtis at the guitar duel

As Jenny understands that Todd has possession over the book, she sets out to get him to understand just how dangerous the book really is, before it’s too late.

Overall, I think that the series does a good job balancing between the comical and the supernatural elements, preventing it from coming off as cheesy. The story, in its swift and straightforward way, is cohering and amusing to follow. Also, the actors do a good job breathing life into the characters, making them feels interesting and three-dimensional.

I think that Todd & The Book of Pure Evil is fierce, striking and from the start, it’s pedal to the metal intensity, with no looking back. All you have to do is to lean back and enjoy the ride.

Todd & The Book of Pure Evil Trailer

To learn more about Todd & The Book of Pure Evil, you can head over to FEARnet.

Psychoville Ep. 01 Review

The story:
Psychoville is an award-winning British series from 2009, which revolves around five, twisted and seemingly unrelated characters, living in different parts of England. When they all receive a mysterious letter, containing just one phrase, “I know what you did,” their lives go into a downward spiral.

The review:
In the beginning of the episode we get to see a mysterious man, carefully writing five ornament letters, in the light of a black ominous candle. Then an introduction of the characters follows, as they receive their letters we get a glimpse of their twisted lives and own little peculiarities.

The characters are the ones that drive the story forward, holding us spellbound with their twisted life situations. We have Mr. Jelly, a bitter and worn-out clown who’s missing a hand; Joy, a midwife who thinks her practice doll is a real baby; Oscar, a blind eccentric millionaire with a big collection of stuffed animals and Robert, a dwarf actor with telekinesis powers, who’s in love with his Snow White co-actress.

David Sowerbutts in Psychoville

Then we have David Sowerbutts, my absolute favorite character. David is a simple-minded man-child, with a morbid obsession with serial killers, who still lives with mother Maureen, to which he has, to put it mildly, an inappropriate relationship with. David is far from normal, living a truly tragic life, who cannot hold on to a job, something we’ll see plenty of proof of in this episode.

The story is well written and fascinating, focusing on the characters and their wacky mannerisms, in an engrossing way, which make you want to know more about them, their lives and the dark secrets that are surely lurking below the surface.

The acting is flawless and of high standards, with both Reece Shearsmith and Steve Pemberton each play many characters, in an impressive and convincing way, making it a pleasure to watch them.

Psychoville is a series that breaths’ quality, giving us an awe-inspiring story filled with gripping life stories, suspense and psychologic chills, covered with a veil of dark and morbid humor. Once you have seen the first episode, you wouldn’t want to leave Psychoville – ever!

Psychoville Trailer

To learn more about Psychoville, you can head over to FEARnet.

So, whatever you do, don’t forget to tune into FEARnet next Tuesday, for an unforgettable evening with two wonderfully wacky series, which are too good to miss.

Jurassic Park 4 Getting Ready to Stomp Into the Theaters

What do you think of visiting Jurassic Park for a fourth time, to meet some brutal dinosaurs? Anyhow, Steven Spielberg seems quite ready to guide us through it, judging by what he said on the panel for The Adventures of Tintin, last weekend at Comic-com.

Apparently Spielberg has a story ready for Jurassic Park 4 already, and there’s some buzz about an unnamed scriptwriter, currently doing some final polishing of the script, as well. Spielberg said he hoped to unleash Jurassic Park 4, into the theaters, within two or three years.

I guess that a good time to release Jurassic Park 4 would be in 2013 – 10 years after the first cgi dinosaurs stomped into the theaters. Hopefully in a near future we’ll get some more information about the project, like what kind of story they have cooked up for us this time.

If you, for some odd reason, need to refresh your memory, you can view the official trailer for Jurassic Park, from 1993, below.

Father’s Day – Poster with Attached Making of Video

For this new poster for Troma’s approaching splatter “Father’s Day,” there’s also a gritty in-depth coverage of how Chris Davidson made the poster.

In the making of video you’ll see exactly how much blood and collateral damage, which is behind the creative process of making a good movie poster.

Before you view the making of video below, remember that this is Troma, so you probably won’t want to show this in your office, just yet . . .

The Making of Video

The Resulting Poster

Father's Day Poster

New Movie Releases – July 26, 2011

Today a new line of fresh movies is being released on Blu-ray and DVD, hoping to find their way into our livingroom. Below you’ll find a small selection of the movies that I found to be the most interesting ones, this week. You can add your own favorites and tips in the comments field below.

Supernatural: The Anime Series

The famed Japanese anime studio Madhouse take on the TV series Supernatural is by far, in my opinion, the most interesting title being released today.

This first series spawns over three discs, giving you a total of 22 episodes of a dark Supernatural anime, filled with blood and graphic violence.

Although the storyline follows first two seasons of the live-action series, it also includes some original content, which explores the brother’s childhoods and its also expanding upon secondary characters in the Supernatural universe.

Since both Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles (only two episodes, due to scheduling reasons) have lent their voices to the project, it will not feel awkward either.

In the special features we find a 2-Part making of featurette, interviews with Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles and Eric Kripke and episode introductions by Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles.

The series has received great praise from the lucky ones who have seen it, so if you’re a Supernatural fan, who aches to see the Winchesters’ again, then this is your chance.

Buy Supernatural: The Anime Series at Amazon.

Scream of the Banshee

Scream of the Banshee is an After Dark Original, co-produced by Syfy and directed by the Area 52 director Steven C. Miller. When the movie aired on Syfy, it had 1.54 million viewers and got quickly called as the best original movie that Syfy had aired in a long, long time.

The story begins when a college professor (Lauren Holly) and her students stumble upon a mystical, ornate box, in the university basement. Driven by their curiosity, they open the box, and a bloodcurdling scream, greet them. According to old Irish folk lore, the ones who hear the scream of the banshee will die, and soon a mystical creature starts to hunt them down.

Apart for the movie, the disc also contains an audio commentary with director Steven C. Miller, a feature that is usually fun to hear, after you have seen the movie.

Buy Scream of the Banshee (After Dark Original) at Amazon.

The Task

The Task is also an After Dark Original and the directing debut for Alex Orwell. The movie takes place on the set of the reality show, The Task, recorded at an abandoned prison. To win the show and a hefty cash prize, the contenders must endure a night in the prison, while completing a series of gritty tasks, designed for maximum terror.

Shortly after the recording begins, things’ goes very wrong. Trapped inside the diabolical and maze like prison, the contenders and the crew soon realize that the reality show suddenly has became painfully real.

Although the movie hasn’t received the best of reviews or ratings, I still think it can be worth buying, if you’re into Saw-like games and abandoned prisons. Also the madly horrifying clown-like creature on the cover, which doesn’t look like the clown you should bring to your daughter’s birthday party, might be good reason to pick this one up.

Buy The Task (After Dark Original) at Amazon.

The Goblin

Goblin is a Syfy TV movie, directed by Jeffery Scott Lando from a script penned by Raul Inglis, which seems to contain a good-old eerie monster story.

The story is set in 1831 in Hollow Glen, a small village placed deep in a forest. Every year, on the eve of Halloween, the villagers engage in a ritual, where they throw their diseased crops into a large bonfire, in hopes of getting an ample harvest the next year.

At one ritual, a couple decides to ease their burden by throwing their sick and deformed child into the bonfire. From their devilish act, an unspeakable and horrific creature rises out of the ashes and smoke – the Goblin. Every year afterwards, at Halloween, the Goblin returns to the village, seeking its revenge by kill the newborns and everyone else ill-fated to get in its way.

The Goblin has received mixed reviews and currently holds an IMDB Rating of 4.2. However, the ones that did like it, praise its serious approach to the story, credible characters and the acting, saying that it holds high standards for a B-movie.

Buy Goblin at Amazon.

Source Code

Source Code, a sci-fi thriller written by Ben Ripley and directed by Duncan Jones, starring Jake Gyllenhaal, Michelle Monaghan and Vera Farmiga.

The story follows Colter Stevens, an US Army helicopter pilot, who has received a mission trying to prevent a bomb to go off on a commuter train, by using the Source Code, a time loop program that allows him to travel back in time and take over someone else body.

The story is said to be a tad complicated to follow, much similar to Inception, but has overall received very good reviews, with an IMDB rating of 7.7. So, if you like sci-fi that involves time traveling and suspension, Source Code would be a solid bet.

Buy Source Code at Amazon.

Wrong Turn 4 Release Date and Trailer

After directing Wrong Turn 3, Declan O’Brien returns to the franchise with Wrong Turn 4, and this time he has been responsible for both the directing and the writing.

This time a group of friends, snowmobiling on their winter break, happens to take the wrong turn in a snow storm. Attacked by the harsh elements, they seek shelter at an old sanatorium, which seems to be deserted. Soon the ill-fated group discovers that some of the former patients still reside in the asylum, and they’re not happy about the intrusion . . .

I find the wintery and sanatorium setting gripping, which I think can be a juicy hotbed for some spine-chilling scenes. Maybe even Wrong Turn 4 will outmatch its two predecessors, or what do you think?

Check out the trailer below to see if Wrong Turn 4 is something that you want to buy for you collection, on October 25.

Wrong Turn 4 Trailer

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer Hits the Net

Go into the bathroom, kill the lights, say ‘Bloody Mary’ three times into the mirror – lo and behold, a trailer for Paranormal Activity 3!

This trailer, which is rather good, follows the concept of the Paranormal franchise to the letter. You’ll get a montage of found footage clips, which ends in a little twist as the young Katie and Kristi are playing the ‘Bloody Mary’ game, in the bathroom.

Producer Oren Peli has said that this third look at the scary home videos, will be scarier than ever, focusing on Kate. Judging by the trailer, which depicts Katie and Kristi when they were younger, with the timestamp of 1988, it seems like we can expect some kind of origin story, which might reveal how Katie ended up having a demon stalking her.

The directing duo of Henry Joost and Ariel Schulman, the ones who gave us the controversial documentary Catfish last year, have been directing Paranormal Activity 3, after a script written by Christopher B. Landon.

Check out the trailer below and tell us if Paranormal Activity 3 will have what it takes to scare you senseless in your seat on October 21.

Paranormal Activity 3 Trailer:

CBS Films Got the Rights to Hellfest

CBS Films has just announced that they have grabbed the rights for the horror movie Hellfest. William Penick and Chris Sey wrote the script, based on an idea from Valhalla Entertainment’s Ben Roberts, who will also serve as an executive producer for the movie.

The story in Hellfest takes place on a Halloween night at the premiere of a theme park. What supposed to be a night of fun and joy turns deadly, when a masked killer suddenly begins to hack up the visitors, which all think the killings are part of a show . . .

I think that Hellfest sounds thrilling, especially when someone as Gale Anne Hurd will oversee the project as a producer, through Valhalla Entertainment. Hurd has preciously worked with heavy duty titles such as, The Walking Dead, Aliens and The Terminator, which makes me suspect that Hellfest can turn out to be a great nail bitting piece, as it hits the screens.

The press release didn’t mention any director or actors, being attached to the project, but I guess we’ll hear more about Hellfest when production starts.

Official Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

Although it’s almost a whole year to go, before we get to see how Nolan will finish his epic suite of Batman movies with The Dark Knight Rises, a first official trailer has finally risen.

Now, this first trailer will not take you breath way due to its cool action sequences or grand special effects’. I found it more dramatic than anything else, almost a tad boring, really. Instead of throwing some majestic action sequences at us, as I had hoped, we get to see Gordon lying in a bed, with a short glimpse of Batman backing away from what might be Bane, and that’s it.

I liked the fateful chanting in the end though, which got me curious in what way Nolan is going to end his Batman trilogy.

Nevertheless, it’s nice to finally see some real footage, and I think that The Dark Knight Rises will be awesome, as it hit the theaters in July, next summer. I just hope that the next trailer will contain a bit more action, though.

Official Trailer for The Dark Knight Rises

By the way, was I the only one who did get some strange Inception vibes as the buildings were falling apart toward the end of the trailer?

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