First Trailer for Final Destination 5

I like the cozy start of the first trailer, for the next chapter in the Final Destination-series, with this nervous girl, who’s about to have a laser eye surgery, which I think feels utterly creative and uncomfortable at the same time. The teddy bear on the girls’s chest, also brings a nice subtle touch to the scene.

I also have a feeling that Bludworth, which Tony Todd plays quite excellent, will have a much more significant part in this movie, compared with the previous. It could be so that all the rumors saying that Bludworth is actually Death itself, proves to be true after all.

Other than that, the plot-line follows the formula for the series, to the letter, with a group of young people cheating death, by surviving suspension-bridge collapse, and then they start dying, one by one, under mysterious circumstances, as Death sets the records straight.

Overall, I believe the trailer shows that all of us who you like to gloat in macabre, morbid and unlikely accidents, the series’ trademark has something to look forward to on August 12, when the movie will be released, in 3D.

Why don’t you throw an eye on the trailer below and tell us what you think about it?

First Trailer for Final Destination 5

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