A Haunting in Salem

I’ve just received some interesting news and still photos from Nicholas Harsin about his latest movie, A Haunting in Salem, which is currently being filmed in a 200-year-old mansion in Pasadena, CA.

A Haunting in Salem, is a gritty ghost tale written by H. Perry Horton, which centers on Kyle (Harsin), who has just moved into the town Salem, with his father the sheriff. In Salem, Kyle discovers that his new home is tormented by vengeful ghosts and that his family is the victims of an old curse, upon which Kyle sets out to rescue his family.

According to Harsin, the movie is done old school, with very few special effects, which sounds to me that it could end up being a rather creepy ghost story, or what do you think? Here you have a couple of photos from the set, depicting Harsin and two of his coactors, Shoshaunna Chagall and Jenna Stone, and the Corwin House.

Nicholas Harsin and Shoshaunna Chagall in makeup
Jenna Stone starring as Ali in A Haunting in Salem
The 200-year-old mansion the Corwin House

Photos’ courtesy of The Asylum Studios.

A Haunting in Salem, is slated to hit us in 3D, nationwide on August 23 later this year, but before that I really look forward to seeing the trailer.

7 thoughts on “A Haunting in Salem

  1. Who ever did the research for this movie didnt do a good job at all, considering I have been to Salem MA…it was baddddd…..not to mention stupid!


  2. Absolute worst movie I’ve ever seen, seriously. I wasted 90 minutes of my life that I’ll never get back, watching this.


  3. This “sheriff” in the movie was sooo miscast. One of the other guys in the movie would have made a more believable sheriff…even the maintenance guy (that died early in the movie) would have been better.


  4. Is the sheriff an actual actor? or did Asylum just pull some random dude of the streets. The deputy would be a more convincing sherrif since he doesn’t look like the wifes father! On a more serious note, the cinematography sucked and the movie was too slow and very predictable.


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