Stephen King to Write for the Walking Dead Season 2?

Even though there are a couple of months left before we can tune in to enjoy the second season of our favorite zombie show The Walking Dead on AMC, speculations about what we can expect on October 31, are in full swing around the digital highway, at the moment.

One of the more interesting and remarkable ones came yesterday, during the Chicago Comic & Entertainment Expo, where Laurie Holden, who plays Andrea, told IGN that the horror master himself – Stephen King – might be penning an episode or two for the show!

I think that a touch of King’s dark magic could give the storyline and the characters a completely new dimension, which I would love to descend into, so I really hope that this rumor turns out to be correct. If it’s true, then I guess that season two’s ratings will sharply increase, leaving the previous season’s high of 6 million viewers in the dust, as well.

What do you think, will the popularity of the show increase with if King steps onboard and what do you think he could contribute to the show?

While you wait to see if this interesting rumor is true or not, you can enjoy a DVD featurette (“From Comics to TV”) from THE WALKING DEAD: The Complete First Season, below.
THE WALKING DEAD — DVD featurette (Comics to TV) by RMSMoviesandFilms

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