Mystical Teaser Trailer for Conan the Barbarian (2011)

The first teaser trailer for Marcus Nispel’s take on Conan the Barbarian doesn’t give us much to go on, besides the highlighting of some of the characters, surrounded by a mystical grey smoke, while a beefy voice, talks in the background.

I think that the three creatures in the middle of the teaser stand out a bit though, and I assume that they’re the same ones that we can see in these early action stills. Overall, I think that the trailer gives a nice mystical impression, but if I’m about to go and see it, they must show me some well-choreographed bloodstained berserk action, or else I think I’ll just wait for the DVD release, instead.

On August 19, we can see Jason Momoa, as Conan, clutching his big sword as he seeks a bloody revenge on the warlord who slaughtered his father and home village.

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