Fearsome Trailer and Poster for Insidious

A couple of weeks ago I posted a teaser for the chiller Insidious, from the Saw guys James Wan and Leigh Whannell, a movie that I hope will be able to scare us senseless on April 1, next month.

Below you can see the official trailer, which gives us a lot more insight, together with a couple of gravely frightening sequences of the movie, maybe a little too much, even? Anyway, I think the trailer shows an old-school horror, focusing on building a suspenseful atmosphere with an eerie and strong story first and foremost, using the scares solely as fuel for the movie.

The storyline, which feels a refreshing, revolves around a comatose boy, whose body attracts evil entities, while his mind is trapped in a realm called The Further. Check out the trailer and the eyes of the boy, in the poster below, to see if Insidious has what it takes to make your bones go cold.

Insidious Poster

Insidious poster

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