Fresh Trailer for Sucker Punch

Today it’s 25 days left before we’re allowed into Baby Doll’s mind bending and action filled fantasy world, signed Zack Snyder, which she has created to escape her dark and painful reality.

I hope that Zack Snyder, together with Emily Browning, Abbie Cornish, Jena Malone and Vanessa Hudgens, can make Sucker Punch into a mind-blowing experience, which will shake those fantasy worlds to pieces. And, judging by this fresh trailer, filled with action-packed sequences depicting some seriously groovy clips, special effects and characters from the movie, like the dragon for instance, I think that they’ll pull it off, or what do you think?

It’ll also be amusing to see if Vanessa Hudgens, playing Blondie, will be able to take a step out of the High School Musical shadow, and prove that she’s worthy of a new audience, as well.

A little trivia about Sucker Punch; if it wasn’t for a scheduling conflict, we would have seen Amanda Seyfried do the role of Baby Doll, instead of Emily Browning.

One thought on “Fresh Trailer for Sucker Punch

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