Apollo 18 a First Look

In November, last year The Weinstein Company announced their found-footage movie Apollo 18, which would be produced with the speed of Usain Bolt, since they aimed to throw it into the theaters around March or April this year.

I thought it sounded remarkably fast and doubted that they could wrap up something watchable that fast.

However, since the first trailer for Apollo 18 came up today, I think that they will actually be able to give us an eerie found-footage movie set on the moon, in April after all.

I think that the trailer, depicting a couple of astronauts getting in close contact with an unknown life form on the moon, looks great. I also think it looks promising that they seem to have focused on the claustrophobic feelings and vulnerability of the astronauts, which I think will work terrific in a small, darkened theater.

Check it out below for yourself and see if Apollo 18 will be able to make you tick.

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