Dead Island – The Most Brutal Zombie Game of the Year?

This savage trailer for the upcoming zombie game Dead Island, from the Polish game studio Techland, is sure to blow you out of your pants! It’s one the best trailers, for anything, which I’ve seen in a long time.

In Dead Island, you find yourself at the fictional Royal Palms Resort of Banoi, in Papua New Guinea, to enjoy a luxurious vacation among the leafy hills, tropical forest, crystal clear water and endless stretches of pure white beaches. After partying one night, you wake up and realizing that you are in the middle of a mysterious and horrifying zombie outbreak, and the only thing left for you – is to survive!

The story of the game is inspired by classic zombie movies with a bold and compelling campaign that can be played with up to 4 players in co-op mode. Besides that, the game has a strong emphasis on melee combat and character development, which sounds promising.

Now check out the sad, yet breathtaking trailer, depicting a little girl that has turned into a zombie on her vacation, in reverse!

Even if, Dead Island doesn’t turn out to be the most brutal zombie game this year, it’s likely to become the most hyped game of the year, since the trailer has already passed 2 million views at YouTube.

In addition, it doesn’t seem to stop just with the game either. According to, the Universal exec Sean Danie has already snatched the rights to the game, so we should expect to see a zombie flick, based upon the game, sometime in the future, as well.

Dead Island is slated to shamble into our Pc’s, Xbox 360’s and PS3’s sometime late this year, and the question is, will you get it?

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