Head Over to The Zombie Farm on Feb 11

On February 11 you can catch Ricardo Islas Zombie Farm (a.k.a. Macumba), a movie that mixes zombies and voodoo into an intriguing story, via video on demand. An interesting note about the movie, which was filmed in Lafayette, Louisiana, is that they made it in both English and Spanish at the same!

The story revolves around Ana Maria (Monika Munoz) a humble and beautiful young woman who visits Roque, a bluff healer, in hopes that he could give her something that will stop her husband from abusing her. When Roque tells her that his ‘magic’ cannot help her, Ana Maria turns to a voodoo priestess, who gives her a potion that, she says, will radical change her husband.

A little while later Ana Maria returns to Roque and claims that the potion she got from the voodoo priestess killed her husband and now he’ll not leave her alone, something that Roque cannot believe. However, when he gets another visitor, telling a similar story, he decides to help Ana Maria to investigate what’s really going on, before the whole town has turned into a zombie farm. The two also gets help from Pilar Franco, a young film maker, who wants to expose Roque’s scams in a documentary.

Check out the trailer and the ravishingly cool poster for The Zombie Farm below and see what you think about it.

The poster for The Zombie Farm

Zombie Farm will also be available on DVD on March 8, as well.

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