I got tremendously excited as I watched this teaser, for the upcoming chiller Insidious, and heard the woman say, “It’s not the house that’s haunted, it’s your son!”. A downright scary line, which they should have used as a tag line on the poster instead of “The further you travel, the darker it gets.”

I actually like the storyline of Insidious, which revolves around a comatose boy whose body attracts evil entities, while his mind is trapped at a dark realm known as “The Further.” The fact that we have a haunted boy in this movie, instead of a haunted house or similar, gives the film a clear impression, I think.

More reasons to why you should have high hopes for Insidious, is because it’s directed by James Wan after a story penned by Leigh Whannell, the same ones who gave us the exceptional wicked Saw. Also on board, as a producer, we have Oren Peli, who produced and wrote Paranormal Activity, as well.

It think it’ll be exciting to see what kind of chilling ghost story these three promising names will give us on April 1, or what do you think?

Insidious teaser:

The poster for Insidious

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