New Official Trailer for Scream 4

An official trailer for Scream 4 has been dropped on the net and I really like the cleverly amusing tone in it; especially the joke about the horror movie remakes that they pull toward the end. Check it out yourself below and see what you think about it.

In Scream 4, which is thought to be the first movie in a new trilogy, ten years have passed and Sidney Prescott, who has put her self back together much thanks to her writing, is once again visited by the Ghostface Killer.

What I like most about the Scream movies, are their satirical references to various horror movies and concept, something they have managed to do very well, without coming off as too cheesy or bland.

The screenwriter Kevin Williamson has said that Scream 4, will contain references to Asian ghost girls, manga, PG-13 horror flicks, Vampires, M. Night Shyamalan movies and even a bit of torture porn to top it all off, which sounds like a mix that you don’t want to miss on April 15 . . .

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