More Clips from The Rite

Two new clips from the upcoming exorcism movie The Rite, directed by Mikael Håfström, showed up on YouTube today.

However, if you looked forward to seeing scarily possessed girls, bellowing out demonic roars, Anthony Hopkins or even Rutger Hauer, then these clips will let you down, since they are rather dull, I think.

The first clip shows Father Kovak (Colin O’Donoghue) discussing his concerns regarding Father Lucas’s (Anthony Hopkins) unorthodox methods while doing an exorcism on a pregnant woman, only to be shot down with, “Father Lucas Gets Results!”.

In the second clip Father Kovak talks with a journalist (Alice Braga), who is eager to write a story about the exorcism course and to get an interview with Father Lucas.

As said, both clips don’t show any juicy exorcism sequences, but they do a decent job building up the character of Father Lucas though.

“Father Lucas Gets Results!”

“I’m Just Interested In The Truth…”

The Rite will begin to possess the theaters in just 10 days, on January 28, before which I hope we get to see a truly demonic and mind-blowing trailer.

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