Cut/Print – a Reality Horror

Nathaniel Nose’s upcoming horror Cut/Print, featuring a good old masked psycho, offers a truly original approach to the popular reality/found footage concept.

In Cut/Print, a film-crew gets this brilliant idea of making the world’s first reality horror movie, with emphasis on reality. They recruit an active serial killer, offering him complete anonymity and the opportunity to show off his work to a worldwide audience, in return they want genuine hair-raising footage of his kills.

The result of their diabolic deal, turns out to be a cruel and deadly cat and mouse game, all whilst a cryptic film maker is lurking the background searching for his “perfect shot”…

The cast consists of rather unknown names, but you might remember Ken Foree, who starred in Dawn of the Dead and The Devil’s Rejects.

If you head over to the official Cut/Print website, you can catch a teaser for the movie plus other interesting stuff about it.

I found the story to be rather captivating and is eager to see how it’ll play out on 1 October, later this year.

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