Gritty Trailer for The Task

Another trailer for a movie that is part of the forthcoming After Dark Originals has surfaced the net – The Task – which appears to have a veil of gritty realism over it.

The story in The Task is written by Kenny Yakkel (Exorcism Diaries, Dead Air) and centers on six excited students, participating in a reality show recorded at an abandon prison, to collect a hefty cash prize. To become the winner and collect a hefty cash prize, the participants must successfully complete a series of terrifying missions, within the confines of the prison.

Soon after the show begins vicious spirits from the prison’s dark past appears and suddenly the staged show becomes deadly realistic for the participants.

In the cast we find names like Antonia Campbell-Hughes (Bright Star), Texas Battle (Final Destination 3), Alexandra Staden (Basic Instinct 2), and Jonas Talkington (Harpies). I really like the casting of The Task, since I think their looks give the story a touch of ‘reality’ realism.

One thing that I found particular disturbing in the trailer is that freaking shivery clown, which you can also see in the poster below, which I think enhance the scare factor quite a bit for this movie!

The Task will be unleashed, with the rest of the Originals, on January 28, 2011.

The Task poster

The poster for The Task

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