Great Trailer for Husk

This fresh trailer for Brett Simmons upcoming horror movie Husk, which is one of the movies the After Dark Originals that’ll hit us on January 28, really makes my spine tingle a bit.

The story in Husk, revolves around a couple of friends, heading out on a weekend holiday. In the middle of nowhere, they hit a crow and crash their car in a cornfield. As they go deeper into the cornfield, to seek help, they stumble upon a group of reanimated savage scarecrows, who produce their offspring by killing anyone they can lay their hands on.

I really like the story of the movie and I think that the trailer shows that Husk can turn out to be a really frightful piece, spiced with some really gory and suspenseful scenes, or what is your impression?

You might recognize Devon Graye, the one who plays Scott in this movie, since he played the teenage version of our friendly neighborhood serial killer Dexter in nine episodes.

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